Black Cloud

She wants to be wondrous like a black cloud,
Thinly mist, formless yet dangerous.
~ zsidhu

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Live your heart out

Drowning in the sea of my worries,
Losing a piece of my self everyday,
One lifetime undertaking countless journeys,
Moulding me like a piece of clay.

I want to scream and shout.
“Let me live. Let me breathe. Love me. Let me out”
Exhausted, I blacked out. Heard a voice crying out,
“Oh my Darling! You gotta thrive, to live your heart out!”

Where’s My salvation

Why is that when I want to write
words fail me
as if running away
to play hide and seek
like little kids
Not knowing how
difficult it is for me to
let them go, run wild and free
“Come back home soon?” I say
worried with a thumping heart
“We will mother!” they chirp back
with a glint in their eyes
I smile
I will have my Salvation

At last!


Ever had that feeling
your heart is Laughing,
not smiling,
bursting in Laughter
Rainbows, colouring you inside out
A lonely tear drop hangs in submission
Depth, sincerity of your feelings
Looking up all that’s left to say

Thank you!



oh what lovely creatures you are
spreading light
to that tiny space
amidst total darkness
haunts, taunts and butchers
If only I were a firefly
If only

Just Empty

I feel like pouring my heart out onto these blank pages,
Until my hands tremble,
My mind goes numb,
My heart explodes,
My insides empty,
Leaving me with Nothing.
No desires, no guilt,
No sadness, no hurt,
No joy, no love.

Just Empty.


You hear the cries of the trapped half
The wounded one
The one you barely recognise
The one you thought has died
Inhale. Hold. Exhale.
Maybe , you’ll se why.
You hear the thumping of the heart
Next to your chest
Ripping you apart
Hold still
Maybe, you’ll feel why.
You see the joy in the eyes
It has finally broken free
Close your eyes